VICE is a magazine. I have been a reader and fan for many years. It was started over a decade ago in Canada, then moved onto the US, but now has offices in over 20 different countries around the world.

Every month a glossy magazine is produced which contains articles discussing things of trendy 'youth interest' (e.g. politics, world news, drugs, fashion, underground music scenes, clubs, internet humour etc.) whilst always erring to the side of being as controversial/disgusting/shocking as possible. This is widely available all over UK for free at any American Apparel store.

As an intern it was my job to maintain the online side to the magazine. Whereas the magazine will have long articles and reviews in it, the website contains much shorter tid bits of information (blog entries, image galleries, videos) that are constantly being uploaded. I made sure these were all to standard. Also I helped by creating the weekly email newsletters and did photoshop magic for some magazine graphics.

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Bucket list:
Get a name check in Vice magazine

Graphic Design

For a photoshoot editorial the theme was 'hot foreign weather girls' so I was asked to create faux weather infographics which would end up being used behind the models in the spreads.

^ The final editorial in Vice


^ Vice Style newsletter. Vice had a spin-off website called VICE Style. At one point they wanted to create a weekly newsletter. This is the first ever one, which I helped to design and build.

Graphic Design

^ 2 of the final Scorchio!! spreads
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