twentysix   london

twentysix London is a digital design and marketing agency based in London, UK. I did a very short work placement with them whilst still studying at university.

They are affiliated with Universal Records so whilst I acted as a design junior; taking the senior's signed off proposals (I didn't get the chance to meet any clients unfortunately!) and then designing websites based on those themes. As well as web designing, I made some flash animations and graphics which were used in other site projects.

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Amy Winehouse

I designed the official site for the late recording artist Amy Winehouse. The website was to match Amy's re-branding before the release of album 'Back to Black', and to promote her forthcoming single 'Rehab'. We were actually given the video of Rehab to watch at the office (this is before it went public) to give us inspiration.

The time frame for the design of this website was 4 days. I completed all the designs for a website consisting of several individually designed pages and a drop-down music player (to be later animated by a Flash developer).


Tammy was doing a competition in affiliation with the band, the Sugababes. The winner got to see the band live and get free Tammy goodies.

Seeing as Sugababes are produced by Universal Records, twentysix London would be responsible for all the online design. This was the entry page.

MINT Credit cards

twentysix London had been commissioned to design and build the Mint credit card official website and they wanted a new Flash intro involving their stripes brand aesthetic sliding in. Unfortunately I lost the .swfs; only these screen caps remain.

Patrick Wolf

I was part of the team that were to redesign Patrick Wolf's official website to match his image revamp and promote his upcoming new album. After initial meetings about the overal theme and look of the site everything was accepted by the client. Only after the designs were finalized did the client reject them, so they were never used.

It was a bit of a shame because each virtual 'room' was created from scratch (bits of royalty-free imagery found from the internet) which took a lot of time to manipulate to make it look 3D and realistic.

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